TOP 12 Empower Talk Movies Panel

Through the participants in the WBL-PRO Network 12 most empowering and inspiring WBL stories of young adults will be identified. They will be young people with whom the WBL professionals have worked and who have taken the best outcomes from a work based learning experience. The Network will be accessible for users not only from

WBL Professionals Peer network

WBL PROFESSIONALS Peer Network will be a virtual place where professionals from the educational and company sides of work-based learning pathways will be able to promote themselves and the services they offer, to communicate and cooperate with each other. They will exchange ideas, best practices, training, methodologies and tools, articles, experience, etc. The Network will

WBL-PRO Toolkit

WBL-PRO Toolkit will be a virtual library of at least 180 best practices and tools for work-based learning in Europe. The WBL-PRO Toolkit will be validated through WBL-PRO experts training, which will take place in Germany. The trained experts will implement the WBL-PRO Toolkit best practices in Online WBL Counselling Sessions with young adults. The

WBL Professionals Qualification Manual

This Manual will indicate procedures that should be embedded in training activities aimed at the certification of WBL Professionals in a quality assurance view, and will be addressed to training organisations and certification bodies, as well as at stakeholders interested in training and retraining experts in work-based learning. The development of the Qualification Manual for

WBL Professionals Job Profiles

The new job profile for the WBL Professional has been defined in a transparency approach, detailing the specific knowledge, skills and competences necessary to promote, guide, assist, facilitate and assess effective WBL experiences. The new generation of WBL Professionals will be able to design, develop and deliver quality work based learning arrangements, recognising and overcoming

WBL Pathways Research and analysis

A report with thorough research and analysis of the state of art of work-based learning in the involved partner countries including available formal, non formal and informal pathways, delivery methods, certification programs, available services (including matching), official policy and public documents regulating the different forms of work-based learning (apprenticeships, traineeships, internships, work placements, etc.), legal